September Philanthropy Pick: Charipick – Give Without the Gala

Charipick creator and oustanding Chicagoan Stephen Lee
Charipick creator and outstanding Chicagoan Stephen Lee


Normally, we’re the first to tell you where you can don your fanciest duds and hit the swanky balls in the name of giving back. But, unless you’re James Bond, you can’t sip champagne in a tuxedo every night while you save the world. So, for the rest of your days, make sure you can still donate to very worthy causes with this inspiring new app: Charipick.

Charipick takes your commitment of just $1 a day and ensures it has a substantial impact. It’s hard to evaluate a charity and discern how much of your cash actually makes it to those in need. With this app, Charipick does that legwork for you. They offer you three choices per day of charities that not only meet their exacting standards, but are based in the U.S. for your tax purposes.

At the end of the month or year you can take a look at your giving patterns and you are provided with documentation for your accountant. Seriously, this app keeps your effort level minimal while your impact is multiplied by their user base. It might be the only app easier Tinder.

We sat down with Charipick’s creator, finance and tech wunderkind Stephen Lee, to find out how he manages to make charitable giving so efficient and rewarding.

“I wanted to create a way to have people give more habitually. There is a way to change the world with a little bit of time and a little bit of money every day,” says Lee. But you don’t have to stop with a simple $1 decision. He says of the charities they support, “We make sure they’re financially viable, sound, and relevant. That they are making an impact that we understand. We not only give you an opportunity to donate, but a link to volunteer as well. So the nonprofit knows you want to work with them.”

According to Lee, “Studies show that the act of giving surpasses the act of receiving in terms of reward. The mechanism of giving triggers the same area in your brain as food and sex,” which is proof we can certainly get behind. So while dressing up in the name of the cause is always an occasion, Charipick is there for the days you want to stay in your pajamas or head to the dive bar for your vesper martini.  So now there is officially no excuse, download at your neighborhood appstore and start giving!

Check it out here:

Charipick creator and outstanding Chicagoan Stephen Lee

Charipick creator and outstanding Chicagoan Stephen Lee




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